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Originally Posted by dmprantz View Post
It doesn't matter who started the team. It doesn't matter who puts his name down as "head cook" on applications. It doesn't matter who stays up all night feeding logs into the fire, nor who cuts the meat. It comes down to what you, as a team, think is right.

Does any one else on the team have any assets? Are you willing to lose them and the assets if you make decisions without them?

Does any one else on the team contribute money to pay for things besides personal food and drink? Are you willing to lose them and that money if you make decisions without them?

Does any one on the team help with the work in any way? Are you willing to lose that help if you make decisions without them?

At the end of the day, very few teams are legal entities and membership on them can be incredibly fluid. If your teamates chip in and want a say, then they should have it. If you don't want to give it to them, kick them all out and fight over who gets to use the name. It really only matters in KCBS for TOTY and competing on the same day or at the same comp.

You make some good points. It seems that there are a lot of things to consider when it comes to decision making.

My team is made up some some of my closest friends. They are not seasoned KCBS BBQ guys. They know what they like but they are not CBJs or seasoned BBQ cooks. That kind of puts me in the drivers seat when it comes to quality decisions.

Also, I like to invite KCBS judges who are on their way to becoming MCBJs to volunteer to help out. They use it as their cook experience in order to qualify for MCBJ. I have two joining my team for a comp in May. They will have a say in what BBQ I turn in. It makes sense. They have the experience to help make that decision.

But, when it comes to who is actually on my team, I have the last say. I have to. I have had no less than 15 people ask to "help out" for the comp in May. I can't have that many people around and have no need for that much help. So, I have to step up and make the decision.

I feel that one of the key attributes of a leader is the ability to carefully listen. That is something I practice. When the team has a good idea or an idea that I may not be thrilled about but they love it, I work it in.

But, a decision has to be something the team member is best qualified to participate in. That's why KCBS quality decisions are between me and the MCBJ candidates on the team while other decisions may be between me and others who are most suited to offer valuable input on the decision.

We all have a great time and no one is left out or discounted. Everyone's strengths are used in the best capacity.
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