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Originally Posted by TooSaucedToPork View Post
We had people get a little power hungry, so we took away dictatorship.
We have that same problem on our team, but since I'm in charge they really can't do anything about it!

That's just one of the privileges that comes with being the team's sole sponsor.

A quick related real-life story: A friend of my brother's and mine was going to hang with us a competition last year and lend a hand. He may have been a little hesitant and asked my brother ahead of time "What will I have to do?" My brother's response? "All you have to do is remember to not do anything until Tim tells you to, and then do it the way he tells you." He's since been with us for a few comps, and it has become a running joke, with me constantly asking him "Did I TELL YOU to do that?"

Originally Posted by TooSaucedToPork View Post

Our team elects a Pres, VP, Treasurer, and Sec every year...They handle all the regular contests throughout the year. We vote as a team on big things but the officers pretty much handle the decisions
I'm happy for you that it works for you. For me personally, if it ever got to a point that was needed, I would be done because that would be polarly opposite to the reason that I do this, which is really spending quality time with my son and family.

Originally Posted by Mike in Corpus View Post
should the head cook who started/built team decide if someone should be kicked off team, or should there be a vote taken? As head cook I feel that if I make decision, no one will have to explain which way they voted. I feel like as far as everything else, what contest we will enter,what we need to buy, who will cook what etc. is up for a vote. But, someone who considers sponsors money is to feed his family reunion, at every event and doesn't contribute has to go.
Every circumstance is different, and you provide far too few details of the situation for me to offer any suggestion to your circumstances.

There are lots of individual circumstances and opinions above already. At the end of the day though, it will be up to you to decide. Just make sure that whatever your decision is, when you look back at it that you will have no regrets about it.

Good luck.
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