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On the road to being a farker

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We've only done a couple of comps but after many practice sessions, too many hours watching shows & videos and untold hours reading the Brethren we went from 3 Packers, 3 Butts, 8 racks and 24 thighs down to 1 Packer, 2 Butts, 3 or 4 racks & about 12 thighs.

We figured both briskets are being cooked in the same place in the smoker so if one isn't cooked right, chances are they both aren't right. 1 butt to pull and one for slicing. If we cant get enough good ribs out of 3 or 4 high quality racks we're doing something wrong anyway. And 12 thighs because prepping 12 thighs is a big enough pain in the arse. 50 is INSANE! That should be plenty... unless something get dropped, then we're Fraked.

Then there's the stuffed fatty, the Taylor Ham, wings and ABTs to fuel the team.

and BEER.
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