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Originally Posted by Gnaws on Pigs View Post
I'm happy with my Akorn, have cooked tons of good food on it, and don't feel like I "settled" for anything-it's a great cooker, don't see how I would be any happier with a ceramic. As a matter of fact, I would rather have the Akorn because it's portable. I've cooked on the green cult cooker, and I just don't honestly see much difference. As for the "mods" everybody talks about, I've been using mine nearly a year just exactly like it came out of the box, and it holds temp for hours and hours like an oven. I don't see what the alleged leak and not holding temp problems are myself, because I've never experienced any of them?

But then, I'm not a snob, either. Some folks just can't seem to like something no matter how well it functions, unless it's really expensive and hip and all the cool kids like it. I don't have to have a ferrari to drive to work, and I don't have to have a $1000 grill to cook good food on.
Couldn't agree more. Go look at both. Hit up a local comp, sure to be an egg or joe around. You can't hurt the akorn. Even if you tried. Bang for the buck it's hard to find an insulated smoker / Grill at the 299 price point.

That being said, I think ceramic will last longer. I've seen eggs that are pretty old (some needed parts replaced, but after a decade of use they are still functioning). Will the akorn last that long? Not sure. Time will tell.

Hit up John, he has used both.
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