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Originally Posted by LT72884 View Post
Hello brethren. SO far i have started multiple threads on subjects regarding stick burners and pure wood bbq. I think this is my last one for a few days. Its a tough question to ask because im not sure what words to use. so here goes.

on this thread here

a fellow memebr posted this picture

what i need help under standing is the fire part. it looks like lump charcoal as the base with wood chunks burning. now, am i suppose to add wood chunks to the fire INSIDE the pit that you can barly see in this pic to allow smoke for flavoring? or am i supposed to let them burn to embers, then add the embers only to the inside of the chamber? OR, the third option, is the smoke from the burning chunks getting sucked into the pit? which of the three am i supposed to do? haha

im kind of lost. thanks
Hard wood is burned down to coals. The coals are shovel fed into the hearth. Some add wood for extra flavor some don't. Heat is controlled by the size of the fire and sliding the top open and closed, some times it's tin and sometimes it's plywood.
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