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OK guys humor me on this post if you will.

Trying to fix a perceived airflow problem on my UDS that was built by Norco's recommended plans back at the first of the thread.

1) I am using a cheap grill pan as an ash pan, I felt the lip on the pan restricted air to the basket so I drilled 24 1" holes around the lip of the pan...this should help air movement under the basket.

2) I had used 3/4 conduit as risers on two of the 3/4 inlets. Got to scratching my bald head and thought that conduit is measured outside and pipe is measured inside so I replaced the risers with 3/4 X 18" black pipe thus increasing the intake air flow. Ball valve (brass) on each riser.

3) Fired up the smoker and ran an experiment on lids. The original has 8 1/2 holes around the perimeter about 2" in. Changed lid out to one that had a 2" bung hole and installed a 2" X 18" pipe riser or stack and appears to have better flow..

4) I am using a 12" turkey thermometer only and reading pit temps by that. Norco's plan uses a thermometer that has a 3" probe and I have read that there could be a 50 degree difference from outside to center ... is it possible that I'm cooking too low if the 3" thermometer (that I don't have) is reading 225* and the center is 50* hotter thus cooking more quicker. (Example outside at 225* as recommended thus the inside at 150* thus too low ???)

Please excuse the micro management of this simple appliance but I was totally not impressed with the brisket that I did last week and trying to get a handle on my problem (If I have one).

Thanks in advance

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