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Each member pays towards the contest. We currently have 4 members. WE go by who has been practicing the most on which cut of meat. Currently I am working on Brisket for comps, if I like a new recipe or try something different I let everyone know and they can practice too. When I make pork I tell the pork guy to try what I did and if he does he does if not its their call. My father and I started the team and have since got other people to be on the team. Its not easy but we make it work, If by any chance we win $ its either divided up or put towards the next contest.
The only say they don't have is the team name. If it was up to everyone we would be called the
Smokin' IrishPuertoRicanJewsihItalian (didn't flow) hahaha
Our team has a similar setup (except for the father part) and it's worked so far. Any issues we have, like behavior at a certain comp for example, is talked about openly until it's resolved. Brutal honesty if you will. Same goes for trending meat scores and what we can do to improve them if they start falling. At the end of the day our Captain makes the final call and we've come to understand that I think
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