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Originally Posted by Boshizzle View Post
Yep, brisket is a more recent cut of meat for BBQ. Remember back in the depression era, there was a demand for cheap cuts of meat that could be cooked into delicious meals and sold at a low price while still offering a margin for a profit. Pork ribs and beef brisket fit the bill.
Well according to Fullilove, in other interviews not this video, he only really seen a rise in brisket demand in the past 10 years. The breakdown of the top sellers are pretty interesting in terms of price demographics. Pork chops are the very definition of "high on the hog" where as clod and sausage would be economy cuts.

Again Fullilove is nearing 40 so if let's say he was a real inquisitive lad at the age of 10, that would mean that from the 80s to new Millenium brisket wasn't remotely a dominant seller at Smitty's. Sometime after Y2K, is when he started seeing brisket as the big seller.

It might also be due to their own pricing. Clod as BBQ is as inefficient pricing as you're gonna get, especially since McDonald's is paying for that same cut of meat for the billions and billions served Big Mac's.

So brisket as a lower priced option is still true but I imagine it probably had to do more with the increasing competition for clod that drove up that price and moved people to brisket.
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