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Cool UDS - Exhaust - 8 small holes vs smoke stack

I'm driving myself crazy deciding on exhaust for my up and coming UDS.

I have a flat lid with no 2 inch bung hole. It's just flat.

Choice 1 - drill 8 1/2" holes evenly spaced around the flat lid. KISS
(pros - don't have to buy anything else, supposed lack of 'cold spots'; cons - I have to use foil or marbles to put out the fire (I'm not doing 8 nipples on top))

Choice 2 - Drill a 2" hole and then find a smoke stack.
(pros - awesome looking; cons - I'll have to buy a 2" hole saw and somehow have to figure out what to use as an exhaust pipe).

What do you guys think? Last night I spent hours reading through the UDS threads and using the search feature below and basically I learned that I'm thinking about this too much! :-)

However, I'd hate to have temperature control issues b/c of my exhaust choice.

Weber Performer, 18.5" WSM, UDS.
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