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Originally Posted by thebbqkid View Post
I should have put double drum smoker, you buy a barrel stove kit and put it together. But I want to make it a reverse flow just something different I think it will work , im just wondering if there will be a heat pocket where the smoke comes in from the bottom barrel above heat diver
Ohh. Double drum smoker. (word for the newbie) Sometimes, its easier to just say what you mean than to try to abbreviate it. We don't all speak in code on here.

For a Double Drum though, a Reverse Flow design would essentially be useless. The point of a Double Drum design is to not have to use a reverse flow system. The fire is under the cook chamber, escaping up on either end of the cooker, then exits through a center stack on the cook chamber. Trying to design one as a reverse flow would be a waste of time and effort. It would be like trying to make a UDS a reverse flow.
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