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Thanks Dan,

Your list helped me convince the wife that my choice should be the WSM 22. She, being the auditor in the house, seemed very receptive to my announcement of a future purchased when I showed her your list, and pointed out that the two WSM's made that list.....

SO.... it may be a couple of months (because of the $400 price), but one thing for sure, it's out in the open, she is receptive, It's going to happen.

Thanks to everyone for the information. It will be a WSM 22.5....

I love the idea of long cooks on one bunch of coals, no chance of any electric problems. (I'm very snake bitten in that regard). And the amount of food the WSM 22 is capable of cooking at one time. (I love this part).

Thanks again.......
Wilson Boudreaux
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