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Default BGE grate and grid questions... more musings from a n00b

I have a few cooks done now, so the gaskets on my LBGE should be set if they needed to be. I made sure the nuts/bands are all tightened up again, so now I will try to make pizza tonight (i'll post that adventure in a separate thread.

My questions today are about cast iron grids and the fire/charcoal grate:

1). I bought the BGE CI grid. The Craycort CI grid costs about the same. I like that the Craycort one has inserts which can be removed so that the whole grid need not be removed if you need to add charcoal, or wood chunks. Having said that, do any Craycort users find they get charcoal dust on their food because it lands on the rest of the grid when reloading lump?

A point against the Craycort is that if you do have to remove the whole thing then there are 4 pieces of it to deal with. The BGE CI grid is a one-piece deal like most cooking grids. I guess what I'm trying to ask is if folks prefer one over the other. My BGE CI grid is brand new, so I should be able to return it if needed.

2). I tried to clear the holes of the fire grate during a pork butt overnight cook , and almost tipped the fire grate which would have dumped the coals in the bottom of the egg. Is there a right side up for the grate? I though I read that the more flat side might have to face up? Also, any mods to prevent tipping of the grate? I don't have a drill press, so drilling holes and running vertical bolts as "legs" may not be feasible.

3). Folks seem to like the High Que fire grate alot, but what is the difference between that and a Weber SJ charcoal grate? The Weber one is nearly 1/4 the price.

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