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Originally Posted by Bob in St. Louis View Post
Honestly fellas, I was looking to spend some money, and make you guys "choose for me" where I spent it.
But I think Mr. PWA had the best answer right here.
Seems I've not been cooking my butt long enough. I was taking it to an internal temp of 160, wrapping it, coolering it, and using two table forks to shread it.
What a pain!!!!!!!!

But I think I need to wait another 40 degrees before I pull my butt.

Guys, I can't thank you enough. Not sure where I got my ideal I.T. of 160, but I thank you for my continued education.

"Meat on Brothers!"

Like I said if you need power tools to pull apart your pork................

That is most likely your biggest problem. Take those suckers up to 200-205 then pull them apart. 160 is nice if you are doin a pork loin or something you want to slice but not even close to where you want it for pulling. If you can't cleanly pull out the bone with little effort, they aren't ready yet.
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