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Originally Posted by Gnaws on Pigs View Post
If the flat of brisket is so bad and nasty and tastes bad, why is brisket so popular, why does everybody cook it and why is it a major bbq category in comps? Seems crazy to cook expensive meat that you don't even like? I honestly don't cook much brisket, because the farking things are nearly $50 here for a 8 lb. packer. I can get four big boston butts or racks of ribs or several good steaks or two bottles of good bourbon for that price. So let me get this straight-y'all actually routinely cook a $50 piece of meat that you don't like, then feed 3/4 of it to the dogs or grind it up into burger when you can get burger meat that isn't dry and tasteless for a third of the price?
Brisket just jumped in price recently. I was paying $1.58/lb (or less) for choice flat 10 years ago. In comparison, ribeye is only $1 more a pound today than it was then.

BBQ is cheap cuts elevated by the process. Find out what is cheap in your area and throw it on.
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