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This is the kind of fun you can have with the D plates.

Originally Posted by Gore View Post
My wife noticed that Costco was carrying some small (8-bone, ~ 5-6 pound) rack of pork, bone in (Swift) and picked one up for a treat to try. These run $3.99/pound, but there was some promotion for a few dollars off. It is actually too small to stuff, so we decided to try it like we would a prime rib. It is also enhanced, and I have not had good experience with enhanced meat (nor with pork lately), so my expectations were not too high. I seasoned this with some Lawry's, Foil Hat Rub, Kirklands Mesquite seasoning, and parsley. I set up the Oval with one diffuser plate in and the other grate set low to do a sear. I had a large chunk of oak above the coals. I put the roast on, bone-side-down, indirect at 280*. I normally do a prime rib at 220*, but because this is thinner, I thought I could up the temperature a bit.

After about 1:45, the IT was between 145 and 150*. I pulled it and foiled it for about 10 minutes. I opened the vents on the Oval and cranked up the temp to about 400*+. I seared all three sides for about 1-2 minutes per side:

I pulled it and let it set for a couple minutes (while the baked potatoes and beans finished). I then sliced:

I know it is not pink (my family prefers pork IT in the 150* range; whereas I try to drop that IT as much as I dare), but it was extremely juicy, tender and thoroughly delicious. Don't know if anyone else has tried them out there, but I do recommend them.

I should mention these racks did come Frenched, but they did not remove the membrane. I took mine off as I always do. It came off in one solid sheet in a couple seconds. (I just gripped it with a paper towel and pulled).
D racks are even more fun, but I don't have pictures of those to post.
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