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Default My buddy is a newbie - is a UDS right for him?

I've been posting a lot about UDS building b/c I'm researching it heavily. I wanted to get a few of my friends in on it so perhaps we could build 3-4 at a time all together. One of my buddies has a big interest in smoking but has never done so alone. He's a newbie to the grilling world. He's watched me smoke a few pork butts and brisket but never tackled the stuff solo.

Is a UDS real hard to get used to compared to let's say a 18.5 inch WSM? Or is it about the same learning curve?

I've been smoking and grilling long enough that I'm certain I can handle any issue that the UDS presents but I'd feel awful if we get these UDSs built and my buddy can't manage it.

So would you think a UDS is a good beginners smoker?


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