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"Bing" is my friend

Not much stuff out there on the subject, but I did find a site that seems somewhat authoritative--

A couple of points I noted was that pork can be aged, but the time frame is short. The max time I saw was 14 days.
They also said most aging was wet, but did not rule out dry.
Pretty good read.

Some "blogs" have "tested" the Compart dry aged pork.
I take them with a grain of salt, but here is a typical one:

Compart is a major player in the Duroc market.
Their prices are astronomical for Duroc though.

I just bought center cut bone in Duroc rib roasts for right at $4/lb. That is just a tad over the crappy commodity pork in the super market!
My meat guy cut them into 1.25" bone-in chops and about 1/2 of them are "porterhouse style" with tenderloin on the inside of the bone!

So much better than commodity pork, but not quite the level of Berkshire.
I will be posting a cook thread when I get some good pics.


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