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Originally Posted by Uncle Buds BBQ View Post
Well I hope you know that this is wrong. All drums or other smokers must face South...since that were BBQ started!

Yeah, but I'm already in the south, so I face mine east toward eastern NC, where real bbq started. But not too far east. The actual authentic bbq only originated in the western Piedmont of NC.

Originally Posted by jeffsee View Post
For the same reason there's two main camps of sauces in the Carolina's and the ones who make the OTHER sauce are loco. ;)
There's only one camp of sauce here in NC. There are those other people down on the coast who just pour a bottle of straight vinegar over a pig, but I wouldn't really call that a sauce, per se.

Originally Posted by caseydog View Post
I'm not going to argue that making quiche on a BGE is BBQ. It isn't. It is baking on a BGE, which can also be used to make BBQ. That said, I do like me a good quiche. It may not be BBQ, but save me a slice.

But, when it comes to making real BBQ, it is easy to get all wrapped up in trying to "do it right," when doing it right, IMO, is very simply, making it taste good.

Some people foil, some don't. Some people mop, some don't. Some people sauce, some don't. I've eaten a lot of good Q, cooked a lot of different ways. It either tastes good, or it doesn't, and what tastes good to me, may not taste good to the next guy. Like it or not, what tastes good is subjective.

I can't see myself doing BBQ competitions, based on what I've read in the Competition forum. There would be too many farkers "shoulding" on me. My "art major" turn in box would probably get me disqualified, and my "pull the corncob out of your a**" response would probably get me banned from future competitions. I'd rather win a People's Choice than a Grand Champion, and most competitive BBQ cooks don't want to "waste their time" on the rif-raf that come to competitions wanting to taste good Q. Those people are annoying.

IMO, if you really care about BBQ, learn the basics, and then make your BBQ your own. Reach higher, kick it up a notch, play with your food. Fark the rules, aim for ohmigod moments. My goal, whenever and whatever I cook, is to make really good food, whether or not I did it the way it "should" be done.

Yep, I agree. Even if you are from Texas where they cook pieces of cows wrapped in paper and call it "bbq."

I just find it funny that everybody is always looking for the "magic bullet," that one obscure detail that will give you perfect bbq. I think that simple is often better, and that what works for me to make killer q might not work for you, or vice versa. You can make good bbq on any cooker within reason, using any method within reason. It just comes down to what method works for you. And if your food tastes good, I ain't worried about how you cooked it.
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