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Default Pork bulgogi

Look Ma, I'm actually posting in Q-Talk.

When we were downtown over Christmas we ate in a restaurant! Actually we ate in two. One was Korean and we had some pork bulgogi. Normally we make beef bulgogi about once a month, but pork was on the menu and this was very different for us. We decided to make some at home. Essentially, I sliced two pork tenderloins as thinly as I could manage, against the grain. This was marinated for about 20 minutes:

The marinade is
~ 1/2 cup black soy sauce
~ 1/4 cup sugar
a few cloves of crushed garlic
grated ginger
about 2 tbsp of sesame oil
sesame seeds
a spoonful of Red Boat
I think that's about it

I'd been cooking this on the grill, but I always seem to lose a bit through the grates, so I decided to use this nacho tray (and it's definitely nacho tray ) to cook them on. I used a bit of olive oil and heated it up > 500* before putting the pork on.

I tried to get the pork to brown before turning. We served this on lettuce leaves.

The pork was pretty tasty and a great alternative to beef bulgogi. It also is a different way of cooking tenderloin, other than the half dozen or so we typically do. It was also fast, since the marinading takes only about 20 minutes. I like the taste of meat cooked directly on the grill better, but the tray made it much easier to cook.
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