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somebody shut me the fark up.

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I use it for briskets,butts and ribs its personal preference really do you want KCBS bark or traditional bark, if you said yes to traditional then you should give it a shot. People have been using paper bags and such for many years to cook large meats in and it works.
Oh, and paper is not just for meats.... (my notes in blue list the time and oven temps mentioned most often when cooking in paper... starting hot then ramping down the oven for the average times listed in the charts)

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Paper is porous foil aint. Foil will braise your meat bp shields it. If you like a roast beefy flavor and mushy bark your a foil guy.If you like firm bark and great bbq flavor your a paper guy. Braising anit BBQ!
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I like the idea of butcher paper...but all the good stuff leaks out...:D

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You can do sort of a hybrid cook with some foil on the bottom of the paper pouch, or even a foil pan wrapped in paper. If the fat cap is down, the bark on top will still be better preserved than if you were wrapping entirely in foil.....

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