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somebody shut me the fark up.
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So now it's a RF CG. Mine aint insulated but I cooked a brisket the other day it was 26 when I lit the splits. It came right up to 300 in 20 min. I guess if your burning charcoal you need it. if you have trouble with stale smoke and no heat you might want to rethink the dryer duct thing. I cut the ends out of a Tallboy can and stuffed it in the bottom of the pipe seems to work just fine. I used the CI grates that where in the fire box and flipped the Coal pan over on top or a baffle system. Drilling holes will equalize your temps Mine is dead even any where on the surface. Three linear lines one center and 1 on each side at an equal distance. start the holes 4 In from the FB wall 1//4" and increase the drill size 2 sizes with each set every 4 " up to 1/2" hole size 4 " from the stack side.
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