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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Originally Posted by PimpSmoke View Post
OK so I read the mayo thread, since the product in question was essentially mayo (Kraft horseradish sauce). However I didn't see the age question covered so.......

Saturday myself and MrsPimp go to a very well regarded rest. for steak. Long story short I ordered prime rib, rare of course. When my meat got to me I asked for horseradish and they brought me the aftermentioned product. I used it for a while (on french fries) for awhile before I realized that it was warm. So I'm checking the label to see if it requires refrigeration and I see the expire date


WTF! So what do the food safety gurus say about this? Safe or Not?

How dangerous is expired mayo type products?
I would not be happy with this discovery. Some restaurants refill these from bulk containers to save money. Here Health law prohibits refilling labeled commercial containers to prevent putting another product under a different label. Refilling non-labeled or generic squeeze containers is permitted.
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