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Originally Posted by Meat Man View Post
The PBC is a nice cooker, it's a small UDS.

Great for small cooks, and ultra portable.

The kids built a UDS using Big Poppas kit. The kit is very high quality, and very easy to assemble about 2 hours.

We liked the hanging aspect of the PBC, so we incorporated into our UDS.

I've cooked on both and the results are very similar. Hanging chickens is great, it's nice to be able to fit so many on a small or large UDS. You'll need to be careful with your large heavy meats, Not a fan of hanging ribs, wasn't impressed with how they turned out. Longer cuts like brisket and ribs get to done close to the fire. We liked the PBC cooks just great and super for transporting and small families. We use the BPS drum all the time. It's more versatile such as, adjustable fire basket height for grilling or BBQ, wider range of cooking temps, more room for larger groups or hungry kids.
Thanks to your post, I'm going to sell my 18.5" WSM, get the Big Poppa Smoker Kit, get a 55 gallon drum (have a line on a free one) drill the extra 4 holes for rebar, have that former student sandblast and powder coat it, and make the necessary adjustments in the intake to run at the higher temp when hanging.

Thanks for the info.
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