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Originally Posted by Gnaws on Pigs View Post
WHY DO WE argue, fuss and worry so much about what process is used to cook something?

Discuss. :)
Because we can........(LOL)

We have all learned from different mentors / teachers a method in which works best for our individual tastes. By human nature we are certain that we have mastered the craft of cooking food to perfection in the manner that pleases us, our family, and our friends.

Just as our human spirit is competitive in sports, so are we with our craft of BBQ. After all we have competitions both on the local and national levels.

Like a religion we are convinced we know the only true way to BBQ and we try to convert others to our way because it is what works best in our own individual minds. Occasionally we will share the same ideals with another pitmaster and we take sides with each other, sometimes to debate against another.

Many fail to realize like "BBQ BANDIT" says that "it is the journey", and many roads will lead you to the journey at hand. We don't always recognize that not only are there different temperatures to cook at, but there are different cookers to cook in, different methods of cooking, different fuels to cook with, different cultures, and different regional tastes. All of these in some manner play a part in our final product.

Mixing all these together and you have many different combinations to arrive at what we can consider the best of the best. But in the end we really only have a tried and true opinion as the basis and foundation for our deeply entrenched beliefs.

For some of us it has been a long and sometimes difficult journey to get to where we are at. Because our journey has been long and sometimes difficult we have become passionate in the goal of perfection. Our experiences have become our belief in achieving the ultimate in BBQ.

We adhere to our beliefs because we are passionate about our beliefs in BBQ, but with an open mind and a willingness to try something different once in awhile we can expand our horizons.

We try to share our knowledge to make the journey easier for those who are new to the craft and wish to learn. But in the end we are all Brethren and we respect each others beliefs and methods and we all come together on our common grounds and put our difference aside. Then we look for another excuse to cook something else to share with each other. The bantering is just in good clean fun with each other.



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