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Got rid of the matchlight.
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So to follow up my last post, it has been built. My Father-in-law and I were able to successfully build a cold-smoker out of a Smokey Joe and dryer venting. Worked WONDERFULLY. Does not take much charcoal at all to keep the temp between 200-250 using the lowest level in the actual charcoal chamber. We noticed when using the cold smoker it generally adds anywhere from 20-50 degrees. Our set up produced a lot of smoke. Took us roughly 2 hours to get it put together when we were actually focused, another hour to do the mod, mostly because my drill was out of juice. Infrared burner worked perfectly on some new york strips. It comes with a nice detailed guide just on setting up the side burner. Must have been due to the reviews online. Cold-Smoke mod cost around $50, all new. I had gift card. I'm sure you can get it cheaper than that on Craigslist or something.

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