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Originally Posted by gettinbasted View Post
It is mind boggling how they can have a hipster with a pizza joint represent the Kansas City bbq restaurant scene on the show. With that being said, True Bud and Pellet Envy are at the top of the game and I don't think they could have picked two better competition teams to represent our area.

As a competitor, when you see one of these guys roll in with their Jambos you know you had better step up your game to have any chance, and even if you do they will probably beat you anyway. "Ahhhh, man! Is that True Bud? Don't these guys ever take a week off?" Was often uttered as we walked around a contest.

There may be teams as good as them out competing but none better.

Plus both of their ribs looked fantastic!
Everyone is focusing on Stretch who has a long background in TV and not much BBQ experience, but come on it doesn't get much better than Truebud or Pellet Envy. If those are not representative of the best KCBS cooks then I don't know who is.

Think about this for a minute too, Rod is a very personable guy but the Truebud crew as well as they can cook are not known for being the life of the party. Stretch on the other hand makes for great TV. I mean take a look at who everyone is focusing on, it's not the 2 incredibly talented comp cooks. It's the outlandish dude with a huge personality. Remember it's TV, if you wanted to see real contest BBQ you should have come down to The Royal when they filmed it and looked at the other 500+ teams that were there.

BTW in case you didn't know, Stretch hosted a nice viewing party at Grinders last night with all 3 teams there. Sure looks like everyone had a good time and to quote Rod, "last night didn't suck".
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