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Originally Posted by thirdeye View Post
Brian, that is a good assortment of WSM options. I'll be forwarding those to my buddy at work that has a WSM on order. He is so stoked he can hardly stand it. I'm giving him an assortment of rubs and a variety pack of different woods.

I suggested he set it up at the shop for a few days at least, so we can do fatties, pork loins, sausages, chicken pieces and the like. In 3 or 4 cooks I figure he will be able to learn fire management, show off a little, and at the same time build up his confidence by getting some compliments on the food. It will be a win-win situation. Then he can take it home to sell the Mrs. on his new hobby. Heheheee.
I rarely do any long cooks with my 22" WSM's or Cajun Bandit, so I don't see the need to use the stock rings. I use them primarily for comps, and when the heavy meats are resting, I just empty out what little ash is left and start a fresh fire for ribs and chicken.

I do have a Cajun Bandit Stainless Steel High Airflow charcoal ring that will hold a full 21.6lb bag of Kingsford and if he's thinking of doing a heavy loaded big bullet low n slow, it might be something to consider, as an addition.
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