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Originally Posted by Beanbuzz View Post
Received my PBC yesterday and fired it up today. I guess I'll be one of the first to say I was pretty much disappointed with this thing. Hung a rack of baby backs and later added a whole chicken cut in half. Total cook time was 4 hrs. for the ribs and 2.5 hrs. for the chicken, as per instructions.
The ribs were way overcooked and dry with the end closest to the coals basically inedible. The chicken was not done . I had to part the chicken out and finish some pieces in the oven. I guess I got caught in all the hype about this thing ,but now I wish that I had waited to see more opinions.
As for ribs, I'll continue to use the 3.2.1. method on my BGE.
Four hours for lionbacks is too long for sure. Remember that in BBQ time is only a guideline. As for the chicken, I have no idea how 2.5 hours wasn't long enough. Large half chickens on mine typically take under two hours. What was the temp in the thigh? In other words, what is your definition of "done"? I go to about 155* in the breast and 165* in the thigh.

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