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Originally Posted by Freddy j View Post
I feel sorry that you had to take this approach and waste a day of your life doing something that you didn't want to do (in the grand scheme of things, were not on this planet for all that long).

I am sooooooooooooo glad my wife and I don't have ths kind of relationship.
Jeesh, I appreciate the condolences but it's a stretch to characterize our marriage by a tussle over turkey time. We have a marriage where sometimes we sacrifice for each other (and our 7 kids). She just didn't want me to take the time to brine, build a fire and tend to the bird on the rotisserie etc. I just wanted to let her taste (an exaggeration of) the difference in what she was missing by "keeping things simple". We still love each other very much and life will go on, even if I would have boiled the bird....
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