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Originally Posted by centexsmoker View Post
I assume you mean Pappas Bros. Steak House? That place is aweosme. I go there all the time.

Funny enough, Houston has crap BBQ. I haven't had good bbq there ever and I've tried. The best I had was the total hole in the wall in the hood with cats all over the tables :)

It was in TX monthly as the best in houston and it was good. It was called Virgies BBQ. I enjoyed it but it might not be for everyone. It's not "sanitized" for the masses. It's an old school joint in kind of a rough neghborhood

Yes, PaPa Bros Steak House right there around Galleria area off Wesitsheimer. Love it. I also like his Mexican places Papsitas but not a fan of his seafood places Papdaux.

FYI...If your ever in Chicago (also a few in AZ and CA) and have never been go to a Portillos and get an italian beef with giardiniera (everything is good and the chocolate cake rocks)

You will go back and get another trust me.
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