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You know how I feel about Danny, as typified i this video, both stealing from him and going beyond.

He is cannonized at the 3:50 mark.

Ah yes,,, That grandpa smell. I remember you telling me this in 2007 as Barbefunkoramaque. You were the first to at least ride the funkytrain. I let you call me Donnie T too.

Still use your 21 inch "temp" probe you made me. You are loved!

As a guy who confuses people by taking two sides on every issue, I will say this upon reading that ----one also could say that designer of the PBC is "a lot more to what he has created than just cutting a hole in the bottom and top of a barrel and calling it a good cooker."

Of course Rocky got this far first.... or rather.... thousands of other did over decades.

PS.... the TOPS of our barrels and the band that secured them.................. should really be the bottoms. That means we cut off both ends, and then are capable of simply pulling off the barrel to get at the bottom. When it rots out... just buy a new top and you are good to go.
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