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Originally Posted by BBQMaverick View Post
^ They may do the gas fired steam smokers for brisket becasue of the masses ?

However in the the book, pages 188-200 there is a lot on brisket, brisket 101 including a lot of detailed informion and pictures. Seaoning. cutting , etc..When it comes to cooking the brisket they show what looks like a offset (can's see the whole thing), starting out searing at 225 F and then working down to 195 and finishing off ar 185 F cooking a total of roughly 75 minutes per pound through the process = 17 1/2 hours for 14 lb brisket.

Your lucky to live where you do for access to great Texas BBQ. I live in Western Kentucky and we have some very good BBQ joints (but no sausage) and no place like this that feeds that many people on a weekend.

Anytime I can get a nice hardback cookbook from a famous place like this with this much info and unique recipes (A-Z including but other than just BBQ) for under $50, it's a no brainer for me.
That is exactly why they do it. You should see this place on a weekend. Seriously, probably 5000-7000 people every nice Fri-Sat-Sunday. They have cops to direct traffic and this place is 20 miles form anything. It is out on an old country road 40 minutes outside Austin. Crazy.

I'm sure they know what they are doing when it comes to brisket and I would think their book would be more the way they learned to cook brisket. It just got so crazy that the business dictated they had to change their model to serve the masses. I would trust their book as a great place to start for TX Brisket. There is no more cool TX BBQ joint than Salt Lick. It's so cool I don't even mind that their brisket is only so-so. So many other great things there that it really doesn't matter. Plus it's byob so you just go out there and hang outside, listen to live music and toss a few back while you are waiting 2 hrs for your table (no reservations)
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