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Originally Posted by MilitantSquatter View Post
Don't get caught up on the " tastes better" concept... totally subjective and of the opinion of less than a half-dozen people who have posted. I think it's a bit too soon for a PBC to totally take the throne away from a UDS (even though a PBC is basically just one persons variation of a UDS)

"tastes Different".. I can buy that, but " tastes better" ??... depends who is doing the cooking and tasting.
One.... why is BDS on Thirdeyes' UDS? Isn't there already a Big Drum Smoker? Oh wait.... you bought it. LOL I which I freakin had.

Two... on the "tatses icky" theme. One has to remember our UDS thread on this forum is over 260K hitz.... not to mention all the others, including the one I liked... Redneck makes a UDS. But that being said at some point I remembered someone saying something along these lines before and basically likened it to something a UDS does that our oven cannot because nearly all of them are offset. That is significally retain the taste of meat fat dripping on a coal fire. BUT.... that person as I rfecalled was indeed cooking at 225 or so and not hotter.

I personally, now that I have my UDS ready somewhat... cannot wait to GO BACK to low and slow. I know people will **** a brick when I say that but I would like to put a brisket back on the smoker at say, 230, just because these things ensure I can.

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