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Originally Posted by centexsmoker View Post
i live 30 min from the mothership and go there all the time. sausage is awesome and so are the ribs. brisket.................well, we'll leave that to Aaron and Mueller's. They have a huge building with gas fired steam smokers for brisket so I'm not a huge fan there. I'm sure they don't care because they probably serve 5000+ people every friday, saturday and Sunday. Great place and BYOB too!
^ They may do the gas fired steam smokers for brisket becasue of the masses ?

However in the the book, pages 188-200 there is a lot on brisket, brisket 101 including a lot of detailed informion and pictures. Seaoning. cutting , etc..When it comes to cooking the brisket they show what looks like a offset (can's see the whole thing), starting out searing at 225 F and then working down to 195 and finishing off ar 185 F cooking a total of roughly 75 minutes per pound through the process = 17 1/2 hours for 14 lb brisket.

Your lucky to live where you do for access to great Texas BBQ. I live in Western Kentucky and we have some very good BBQ joints (but no sausage) and no place like this that feeds that many people on a weekend.

Anytime I can get a nice hardback cookbook from a famous place like this with this much info and unique recipes (A-Z including but other than just BBQ) for under $50, it's a no brainer for me.
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