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Originally Posted by Ron_L View Post
Ringburner, you need to make up your own mind which you prefer. You can make a perfectly cooked, flavorful rib either way. It depends on cook time, time in the foil, etc. I do both depending on my mood and who I am cooking for. At competitions I typically foil and use that opportunity to get some extra flavor into the ribs because that is what typically scores better with the judges around here.. At home I typically don't foil because that's what I prefer. Either way I do it the ribs come out well and are not falling off the bone unless I want them cooked that way.

As someone suggested, try some without foil and see how you like them. Then try some with foil and see how you like them and make up your own mind.
Ok so how do your get more naturally sweet swine flavor into a rib? I thought it was all about the meat.
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