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Default Newbie Smoker - ECB

This is my first post ever on here, so I am excited to hopefully get some feedback from much more experienced smokers. I just got an ECB for Christmas and hadn't had the opportunity to try it out until earlier today. I smoked two racks of pork ribs for my first ever attempt (I figured I could never go wrong with a pig) and they actually came out pretty darn great. Plated:


And I just have a few general smoking questions:

1. Am I just supposed to add more wood chips as soon as the ones on the coals burn out? Because they were burning out in about 15 minutes, and the wood chunks weren't lasting much longer than that either. And it didn't seem to make a difference time-wise if I smoked them or not, because I tried both ways, I was just kind of experimenting with all sorts of things.

2. The ribs on the top rack seemed to be a bit more well done than the ones on the bottom rack, why is that? I am guessing because the heat is trapped in the top because of the lack of air flow, but that would just be a guess.

3. While the ribs were smoking, I was doing some research on my new smoker and while I was reading about some of its issues, I was experiencing them at the same time. I found two different modification websites, ( and both are WFS. Which of these modifications work best?

Any other advice for a new user on the ECB? Anything is appreciated. Thanks guys, I am looking forward to talking to you all.
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