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Originally Posted by grilling24x7 View Post
Hi guys,
For tomorrow's tailgate we have about 10 lbs of ribeye roast. Today we are going to slice it very fine on our meat slicer. We also have authentic Philly Amoroso rolls and some whiz.

We've done this tailgate for years and pulled it off just perfectly.

The problem is that we have this little Weber Q with griddle attachment and we end up trying to cook all this meat on this little grill. In 40 degrees and wind this can take forever.

Question: What do you guys think about precooking the sliced ribeye at home and transporting it in an aluminum tin? Then reheating the meat on the little grill (at least it would be already cooked)?

Think we'd lose any flavor or texture? At least this way the majority of our time could be focused on just reheating the meat, onions and rolls.


here's a pic (oh im getting hungry already!)
Tailgating is my forte. I think if that is what you have to cook on in that weather then yeah you should pre cook. Tomorrow, i's have some beef broth and some oil. I'd liberally use the oil to get the griddle nice and hot and use a little broth as I heat it up. I would have some disposable aluminum pans that I would use to tent the griddle and help steam the meat as it heats. Then maybe drop a few rolls open side down on top of the meat to catch some steam and flavor and soften them as the temps will harden them.
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