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Is lookin for wood to cook with.

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Default Wrecked some Chicken Wings today

Started off with good intentions. Wanted to make something to chew on during the football games starting at 4:30 today.
Had the wife get a bag of chicken wings from Costco. They were frozen. Defrosted the wings and got a rub recipe from a friend. All was going well.
Applied rub and let set until WSM was ready to go.

Got the WSM going, only thing different from my attempts at smoking meat was I did not use lump charcoal. I used Kingsford Competition briquettes.
No big deal.

Got the WSM rocking at a temp between 265 and 290. Maverick reading and reporting all the way. Water pan at half inch from top. Apple wood for this smoke.

Wings go on. An hour into the smoke I check and it seems the wings still need some more cooking time. Grate temp is still about 275 and smoke and water are doing fine.

Hour and a half, I add some wood for some more smoke. The thin blue line had stopped so I figured to give it a little kick. Water pan is doing great.
Also added a few handful of charcoal to pick up the temp a bit. It was lagging around 250.

At 2 hours I planned on taking off wings to put them on gas grill to crisp up the skin a bit.

When I opened the top of the WSM I knew there was no putting them on a gas grill. They were done. And When I Say They Were Done, I mean they were done. Great color, but shrunk to a pigeon wing size type meat.

Well I did not plan on using a sauce with these wings so I just offered them up to the family and let them have at it.

My family is great. They ate them all. Even though they were a little be over done. The skin was crisp and the seasoning was still intact.
Was not perfect, or what I was planning but they were consumed.
wings 1.jpg

Live and learn

BTW That was a Captain Lawrence Winter Ale in the UMass glass behind wings.

I should have pulled them off the WSM at the hour and a half mark. Would have been perfect.
OH Well Next Time...... And Yes There will be a next
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