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Default First Smoke on the ECB w/ prOn

Happy Saturday Pharkers,

We had a pretty nice day going in KC so i decided to take the ECB out for a spin. Initially i was planning on just seasoning the smoker and seeing how it performed with the mods. Once it got up to temp i decided to try my hand at some chicken quarters. I used a store bought Gates BBQ rub and 2 chunks of Hickory on Cowboy Lump (Think i'll switch over to Royal Oak after this bag).

Anyway, enough typing. Here's the pr0n. Enjoy:

Chicken has been washed and patted dry, ready for the rub:
photo 2.JPG

I started the lump early and let the smoker get up to temp before putting the chicken on. I started the chicken bone side up and flipped about 30 mins in:
photo 7.JPG
photo 3.JPG

Side note, i created a intake damper out of a 3" stainless steel access panel cover (for a plumbing clean out):

I had some problems with the POS temp gauge i bought. No matter how hot the grill ran it would never read above 200 degrees. I am going to replace it tomorrow with something more accurate.
photo 1 (1).jpg

Let the quarters go for about 60 minutes at between 315 and 340, once they got up to 160 I glazed them with Cowtown BBQ Sauce and then pulled them when they hit 165 internally to let them rest for 10 mins:
photo 4.jpg
photo 5.JPG

Tomorrow I'll be trying my hand on a pork shoulder, thanks for looking!
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