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Smittys does not cook over coals so that one is out.

Look at this....

Originally Posted by Boshizzle View Post
I was in such awe when I visited Lockhart, TX and Lexington, TX, I didn't really take a good look at how the great, old school pits at those places are constructed. So, brethren, I am asking you all to help me build an old school pit in my backyard. Here are some pics of what I have in mind. The 1st one is of Scott's BBQ in South Carolina. The 2nd one is one of the pits at Smitty's in Lockhart, TX.

I can't promise you a timeline, but I will update the post as the build progresses. This has been a dream of mine for a while and I think one of these pits will be the closest I can ever come to a real, old school Southern BBQ pit short of digging a hole in the ground. But, the hole in the ground thing is not exactly the most healthy thing nowadays plus I will have to deal with it filling up with water. So, building a pit like the ones at Scott's and Smitty's is a great compromise.

I want a pit that I can cook BBQ on directly over coals just like in the pics I posted. That, to me, is the essence of real, American, old school BBQ.

Any brethren have any blueprints or suggestions?

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