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Originally Posted by Smokin79536 View Post
Having constant issues with my UDS! I can not hold constant temp no matter what i do! Everytime I cook this happens, so that tells me either I'm consistently screwing up or something is flawed on my cooker.
This morning at 4:30 started a Pork Butt got my temp up to 250'F before putting it on, and have been fighting to hold between 225-250'F all morning so far, either drops down to 200 then I open valve more, skyrockets up to 280 while waiting for it to equalize, back off then drops way down again. I'm waiting anywhere between 20-30 minutes before making adjustments. I've tried micro adjustments on ball valve. Using 2 ball valves, 1 completely open by itself and temp goes down, open second maybe a 1/8 inch and temp jumps into 270-290 range. What the H-E-L-L? it's driving me

Cooker Desc:
55 gallon with lock ring lid
14 inch diameter x 12" basket, raised 3" off ash pan
3ea 3/4" close nipples w/ 2ea 3/4" ball valves and 1 cap (had to for fighting this ongoing problem) 2" off bottom of drum
3" diameter x 6" tall exhaust on lid
I had same trouble with mine, the valve does not work for me I just leave it wide open and cap my other holes, then unscrew but do not remove 1 of the caps to adjust the temp.

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