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Default Some ribs, a fatty, and a pork loin walk into a smoker...

I finally got some time to fire up the UDS the other day so I raided the freezer to see what I could find. I came back with two racks of ribs, some breakfast sausage, and a pork loin. After a quick run to the store I had a kielbasa as well. It was a very porky day!

Wife doesn’t eat ribs and always eats too much of the fatty so I got the fire goin’ when it was about 12* out with plans to make the fatty for MY breakfast and the ribs for lunch. The kielbasa-stuffed pork loin was for dinner since my wife would actually eat that. Here it is...

Cut the slabs into pieces to try some different rubs. (Used SM Sweet Seduction, SM Sweet & Spicy, Famous Dave’s Rib Rub, A-1 Rub, and some of my own blend, which is pretty high in sugar for a sweeter taste) The Famous Dave’s and A-1 were gifts from Christmas. The Famous Dave’s ended up being OK…Simply Marvelous products blew it away though. A-1 was just an experiment that failed. Although it isn’t bad on steaks. Rub I made was pretty good too.

Fatty was rubbed in Sweet Seduction and on the smoker for about 2 hours. I usually foil my fatties for a hour or so after they come off, but it makes the little crust/bark that forms fade away…plus I was hungry…so I sliced into this baby. I just ate it straight and it was great. Little bit drier than normal but still excellent…rub was a good match. Nothing beats a good ole’ nekkid fatty

My ribs are a work in progress. They don’t look the best but they tasted good! Wife’s friend came over last night and said they were good. She ended up finishing them off…of course that was after a few glasses of Franzia, so I don’t know how accurate her opinion was.

Finally…the stuffed pork loin. Got this from the Myron Mixon cookbook and someone else posted their version here recently as well. I found the loin in the bottom of the freezer. Was wide enough I was able to make it a double barrel. Rubbed with some SM Sweet & Spicy…brought UDS up to about 300-325 and cooked until it was done. Didn’t pain attention to time but it was somewhere in the 2 hour range I wanna say. It was fantastic! I cooked this after everything else so there wasn’t a ton of smoke on it, but it still came out very tender, juicy, and flavorful.
The pictures I got of it whole came out bad. So all I have is two side shots…sorry.

Overall it was a successful cook and I’m getting better each time. UDS is
working well…but mine is different because it has stainless side tables. It’s not the masterpieces most of you make, but thanks for looking!
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