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I mentioned earlier about a screen refresh problem I was having with the duration timers on the cook screen. I was doing another cook today and was able to capture what I was talking about. Like I said it is not a big deal and doesn't effect anything but my programming background makes me want to point it out. Those things would drive me crazy when I build UI. I got a screen shot from my Nexus 7.

You can see the duration timer is showing 14 minutes but if you look at the time it should be 1 hour 1 minute for the pit. The food timer is showing 58 minutes and it should be 2.

To get it to refresh I had to kill the app in the task manager and relaunch then it will refresh. Like I said not a big deal but just my ocd tendency kicking in.

By the way love the app and the additional features you added. Already exported my previous cooks and printed them off. I think you have it under priced and would have gladly paid a little more.

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