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Originally Posted by Hankdad1 View Post
This is calling out for anchovies!
Originally Posted by MS2SB View Post
Swap out the sardine for some anchovy add a little acid to balance it, toss it in the blender and you've got a tasty satay sauce.

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An interesting thing to note to readers; Anchovy is one of the primary flavoring ingredients in Worcestershire sauce! In fact, years ago, my wife was talking about her disdain for seafood and how she can taste anything with any sort of seafood in it whatsoever because she hates it so much. I reminded her how much she loved Worcestershire sauce and she was like, "So?", then she looked at me with that slightly fearful look about how I was about to ruin yet ANOTHER food for her. So she looked at the list of ingredients on the Worcestershire. Lo and behold...she has never had a drop of Worcestershire since because now she hates Worcestershire too!

As for Satay, I didn't mention it, I figured peoples brains could start engaging without too much prodding from me. I figured the Kung Pao reference alone should open peoples minds enough to at least get the analytical food thought processes engaged.

Originally Posted by mbshop View Post
umami, wasn't that why msg was developed ?
As a matter of fact, as food scientists realized the power of foods with umami flavor (everything people crave, basically), they isolated the compound, Monosodium Glutamate, and it started appearing in everything.

Some folks claim to have issues with it, yet they eat foods that have naturally occurring glutamates in it every day. Sometimes nature wins, I guess.

For lunch today I took some Italian bread, I made a quick and dirty lunch (I have had little time to make food lately) and spread a thin layer of butter on it, then sprinkled on some Garlic Powder, Parsley and Basil, then topped with fresh grated Parmesan and popped that into the broiler for a few minutes to brown the top and melt the cheese. Then I took some homemade Marinara from the freezer, thawed it out in the microwave and then warmed it up, and when the bread was ready just spread a nice layer of sauce over the top. It was the best damn thing I have tasted for about a week or so, and is a simple, quick go-to snack that I really should do more often. Maybe it's not the most healthy though...what with the extreme amount of glutamates in the tomatoes and parmesan.
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