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Default First Rib-O-Lator cook

Well it finally showed up and I got it put together. For those wanting a review here it goes, though I have never done one before.

Assembly was easy and the directions were easy to follow. The only issue I found was the picture shows thumb screws keeping the rib-o-lator brackets on the skew and I got regular allen wrench screws, I went and bought 2 thumb screws.

I bought the cordless motor which states will turn 25# of meat. I had 2 racks of ribs and some salmon and it sounded like it was working very hard to keep rotisserie moving.

Big lesson I learned is what ever you are cooking has to fit within the trays. 1 of my racks hung over just ever so slight and it would catch teh other tray as it rotated and it would get caught and flip the food out. After swearing and screaming for a bit, took ribs in with the tray and re sized them. After that it worked great.

The extension ring I bought from Bob can be used for either a WSM or Kettle it is drilled for both and you just flip ring over depending which one you are using. For me I dont like having smoke and heat coming out of the drilled holes that aren't being used so I will cover them up with heat tape since I will only be using this on WSM.

Here are some pics. Also please don't bash me for buying this like some did in an earlier thread. I bought this because I wanted to and thought it would be a nice tool in the tool box. Some are very quick on here to insult or degrade someone for trying or buying something that they wouldn't.;201st%20cook
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