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Looking very sexy so far. That solid steel skin must be heavy! I'm diggin' the build. I may have overlooked it but how long is your chamber and what is the diameter? My Jambo clone was built 6' w/ 28" diameter--the smoke stack on it is 36" and 6" in diameter if I'm not mistaken..which is actually working out perfect. We have two round inlets in the fb door about 6" in diameter. The flow is great. If your dimensions are similar, I'd say your stack would be fine in this neighborhood. It's been awhile since we cut and measured everything. We used a calculator to get everything to the right size (except the fb--we made ours a little bigger than recommended--which is okay since we didn't go smaller).

So far, I'm liking yours much more than mine but the link of our semi finished build is in my sig if you want to look. I included a lot of the data in the thread if it'll help close any gaps for you.
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