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What really suck in all of this is that I really do respect John's Q skills. I have gone sofar as to print sheets with pull tabs with the Patio Daddio blog site on it to send folks to John's website to give him full credit for whatever I cook that I learn from him. Those always go right alongside the Q.

I honestly have no intention of making, selling, or marketing a rip-off PBC drum. I just want to cook. I have neither the inclination nor the skill set.

[I'm normally not one for side (or sob) stories. Most of you who have seen my posts know that I pretty much post about food I cook. You might have noticed my pure joy as I figured out what many of you learned long ago about cooking. But in this case, a side post IS important/relevant to this discussion, so I will talk about more than smoked jalapeņos or Moinks.

I have spent the last 10 weeks burning through all of my banked vacation/sick/personal days to move in with my parents and help my dad care for my mom who is dying of lung cancer. My wife and I have spent from our own limited resources to make sure my mom has what she needs in her final days. I's life, and lots of people have to step up and help their elderly parents. I'm not crying or whining, and I'm not saying others don't have far worse situations to deal with. I MISS my wife and daughters. I MISS my students. I MISS my job. But I'm doing what every son should do when asked.

My family KNOWS me for my Q and the joy it brings me and others. My first EVER cook was pulled pork for Christmas Eve at my folks. The PBC looks like an excellent cooker, and my mom, who HATES the smoke taste that accompanies my Q, might enjoy food from the PBC and actually eat it. If I had not burned through so much of our $$ helping my parents, I MIGHT be able to convince my wife to let me get one. But I DID spend money we didn't have to help my folks.

So...with a free barrel available, and a former student who works at a local metals place willing to powder coat the drum for "some of that great pulled pork you used to make for us at school," I wanted to try. At this point, there is little I can do for my mom, but this was one small gesture I still had in my control.

We just moved my mom into a specialized care facility this morning, her last real shot at getting well enough to return home so she can die in her own house. If she makes it out, I wanted to have a cooker waiting and treat her and some of the nurses and staff who have helped make this trip through hell even a tiny bit bearable.] Awkwardly stepping down from perch now...

I HATE sharing like that, but the fact that someone I follow, learn from and respect would question my integrity did not sit well with me.

I apologize to all brethren for hijacking this thread and turning it into something I never intended it to become. Please go back to writing about and discussing cookers, recipes, and fraternity. That's why this forum exists.

Apologies again.

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