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Originally Posted by PatioDaddio View Post
Yes, I did, but the BDS isn't really a UDS, and it's not patented like the PBC is. It's the difference between public domain information and proprietary intellectual property.

Okay.... let's stop the BS. Big Drum Smoker, Ugly Drum Smoker, Pit Barrel Smoker....

If you tell anyone that is not as immersed in BBQ as we are those term they envision this.....

I have been telling my friend who is a buyer at HEB this for two years now that the Horizontal Drums they have suck and that's why they don't sell. They are considering something upright for next season. BUT!!!!!

The UDS, BDS and PBC are ALL ONE THING THAT IS UNDISPUTABLE.... UPRIGHT DRUM SMOKERS. That is what makes them tick. You cannot get any horizontal drum with that many seams to burn as long as a UPRIGHT Drum Smoker can naturally.

In think the PBC is a great idea. I can run circles around anyone in here as to why, BUT... there is no reason at all to start this malarky that the PBC is something so unique, groundbreaking and innovative that it cannot be compared to its larger counterparts. 29 Prototypes.... Hah. I wonder how many prototypes we could count in the colossus of a UDS thread we have that has a quarter of a million hits? There are so many prototypes I put off making my own holding out for more ideas.

I can say John's review is quite thorough as he even tested wheter his probe could sit on the handle without melting.

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