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One can simply take the pictures off of Patio Daddio's blog (write me if you can't find them and I will send them) and knowing the dimensions of the drum, all parts can be easliy assimilated. The vent hole is a no brainer. I am wondering why I even made three holes in my Uds as the One Inch pipe is doing fine.

The hooks...farking hooks..... fark ing hooks may be patented but so what... make them yourself.... I already have and will be using them tomorrow on my first Chicken smoke on my finished UDS with 18.5 inch firegrate I designed that has my UDS buring at 230 for the last 18 hours now. I can gaurantee I will be stealing the design based on John's blog and making a video showing EVERYONE how to make them for their UDS. So sue my hairy puckerd unwiped ass if they want.

Patent pending my ass. Hooks? Trigga Pluhleese.

In addition, just who the fark is the brethren nay sayer? No one in here says the PBC sucks. It is begining to look like we can't even agree to agree. That the PBC is a drum smoker that takes its cue from the UDS but purposely designed so that it can be patented. How is that nay saying? No one says it sucks and I hope it sells more.

Its not like someone in here (who obviously cannot make either decent Q without the PBC OR make a descent UDS himself) is claiming the PBC is better because the UDS they made makes the meat taste "icky." on all sorts of forums, all over the place. And no, just because the person is so excited about his new toy he tells the whole world about it biased. But the argument trying to purposely say the PBC is so different than the UDS or BDS is... especially when its fought with such gusto... it does kind of seem like there is a kind of ulterior motive.

Furthermore.... some of us, not just me, should get fat farking check from PBC just for making this thread the hottest PBC discussion on the NET.... controversy or not.

I know a thing or two about marketing and now a days whenever something about as worthless as say Amway, or Pri-America tries to advertise and get more interest roused, they PURPOSELY start blogs and articles that claim to be "exposees into fraud or scams" only to have the reader read them and it end up being a glorius review. Even some "make it rich quick" TV infomercials pique the viewer's appetitite for scandle by staging "surprise interviews" at real customer's doors asking for their stories... which are always gleeming.

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