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1. I'm a schmo who teaches high school English for a living.
2. The only thing I've ever sold is a used grill.
3. Not everyone has ulterior motives.
4. Despite popular, misguided memes to the contrary, I don't make a lot of money.
5. I just wanted to make my best clone of the PBC on the cheap for ME.
6. Unlike others on the list, MY wife won't just laugh off my dropping $225 on another cooker - she may ACTUALLY kill me.

If someone were willing, I'd have them PM me. I do not compete. I do not fabricate (well, I DID cobble together my own UDS, sans welding). I do not manufacture (and have no intentions of giving up my day job). I'd just like to make my own version of this cooker to sit in my lonesome back yard in little Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Nothing more.

I know some folks have perhaps gotten burned in the past. Or, perhaps it is more a sad commentary of the current state of society that people have to constantly stay vigilant about intellectual property theft.

I have never stolen ANYTHING from anyone. Heck I even give YOU full credit with a link every time I make any of your recipes for a faculty or student gathering. I have shared the link for the PBC website with everyone I know who might have interest and means to purchase one.

Forgive a guy for wanting the benefits of a PBC but just doesn't have the cash or a "forgiving" wife.
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